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Field 26: French
Linguistics and Language Structures

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Sample Questions

Objective 0007
Demonstrate understanding of the nature of first- and second-language acquisition.

1. Students just starting an intermediate French course are able to perform basic communicative acts such as greeting and responding to greetings, asking and answering simple questions, exchanging information, and expressing likes and dislikes. Which of the following strategies would best support the students' development during the next stage of second-language acquisition?

  1. providing experiences in which students must negotiate meaning in unfamiliar situations
  2. reviewing grammatical constructions until students have mastered all beginning material
  3. grouping students who are at the same level of language proficiency to work together on class activities
  4. presenting frequent examples of recordings made by native speakers for students to listen to
Correct Response: A.

Correct Response: A.

Objective 0008
Demonstrate understanding of and apply the linguistic structures of the target language.

2. Which of the following words best completes the passage below?

La police n'a pas encore trouvé le coupable. ________ faudra-t-il qu'elle poursuive l'enquête.

  1. Aussi
  2. D'ailleurs
  3. Cependant
  4. Autrefois
Correct Response: A.

Correct Response: A.

More example questions are provided in the French practice test PDF opens in a new window..