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Multiple-Choice Items (MCQs)

NOTE: As described in the "Pilot Testing" section of the Technical Manual, in addition to the review of test items by expert judges (members of the BRC and CACs), when permitted by sufficient candidate populations, empirical data were collected about statistical and qualitative characteristics of the new items through pilot testing. For this field there exists an insufficient candidate population for collecting statistical information through pilot testing. Therefore, pilot test information for multiple-choice questions is unavailable for the field.

Open-Response Items (ORIs)
Number of ORIs Developed9
Number of ORIs Piloted*9
Number of ORIs Identified for Further Reviewnone
Number of ORIs Deleted Post Pilot Test Reviewnone

*This chart includes information regarding items piloted prior to the first operational administration and may be a subset of all items developed. Additional multiple-choice items are piloted as non-scorable on operational test forms, until all items are piloted.