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Scores Reported to Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Educator Preparation Programs

Your scores are reported to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and automatically added to your licensure file once you apply for a license, based on your social security number or Department-issued temporary identification number. Your score report is also sent automatically to the Massachusetts educator preparation program(s) you indicated during registration. In addition, if you give permission, your educator preparation institution will also receive the last four digits of your social security number.

You may also access your MTEL testing history reported as pass/fail status within your licensure profile via the Educator Licensure and Recruitment (ELAR) system. Access to the ELAR system can be found on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Licensure link opens in a new window website; select the "ELAR" login. If you have not already done so, you will have to create an ELAR profile.

Your score report is for your information only; do not submit it with your application for licensure. Keep your score report for your permanent records.

Interstate Score Reporting Request. For some tests (e.g., Foundations of Reading [90], General Curriculum [03]), candidates may request to have their scores reported to the state teacher certification/licensing agency in a participating state. Learn more about the Interstate Score Reporting Request.