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Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

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Requesting Alternative Testing Arrangements

Alternative testing arrangements that are reasonable in the context of this licensing test, do not fundamentally alter the nature of the test, and are supported by documentation may be provided, upon request, to

Evaluation Systems reviews each request as it is received and determines on a case-by-case basis whether to grant requested alternative testing arrangements.

Some alternative testing arrangements (e.g., Braille tests) have specialized production requirements associated with them, and more time for production may be required. Although every effort is made to process all requests in a timely manner, the earlier you submit your request, the more time will be available for specialized production, if needed.

In some cases, the supporting documentation submitted with a request for alternative testing arrangements may not be sufficient to make a determination or may not support the requested alternative testing arrangement. In such cases, you will need to submit additional documentation. In some cases, Evaluation Systems may contact you directly to discuss suitable testing arrangements.

For questions regarding alternative testing arrangements, please call MTEL Customer Service at (866) 565-4894 or (413) 256-2892.

How to Register with Alternative Testing Arrangements

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Registration Steps
  1. Review the Alternative Testing Arrangements and Submission Requirements and collect any necessary documents.
  2. Register for the test. Be sure to declare your intent to request alternative testing arrangements during registration.
  3. Submit your completed Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form and supporting documentation.
  4. Check for an "MTEL CBT Resolution of Alternative Testing Arrangements Request" email with a decision regarding your request (usually between 1–3 weeks after your completed request is received).
  5. Follow the instructions provided in your resolution email to schedule your appointment with any approved alternative testing arrangements.

Register and submit the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form and required documentation as early as possible in advance of your desired test date.

Notification of Resolution

After you register for the test and submit your Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form and supporting documentation, you will receive an "MTEL CBT Resolution of Alternative Testing Arrangements Request" email containing the resolution of your request and important information about your test appointment. Please be sure to wait to receive confirmation of your resolution before scheduling your test appointment. If you schedule your test appointment before receiving this confirmation, you will be required to cancel and reschedule it in order to ensure that your alternative testing arrangements will be appropriately applied. This could result in a delay of your desired test date.

Scheduling Your Test Appointment

Once your request for alternative testing arrangements has been resolved, you will be directed to sign in to your account for instructions on how to schedule your appointment with any approved accommodations. You may be instructed to schedule your appointment online or by telephone, as some accommodations require special arrangements for staff, space, and materials.

If you are instructed to schedule by telephone, you must identify yourself as a candidate who needs to schedule a testing appointment with accommodations. Failure to do so may result in an appointment that does not reflect any approved alternative testing arrangements.

You should be prepared to identify your preferred test date and test center. Please be aware that some alternative testing arrangements may require additional time prior to the date of your appointment to make the necessary arrangements. Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please schedule your appointment as soon as possible after your request has been resolved in order to allow time for such arrangements to be made and to avoid a potential delay in your test date.