Well before the scheduled test date, candidates should familiarize themselves with the test objectives for the tests they will be taking. Objectives for each test are available on the MTEL website by selecting "Test Objectives." Candidates who determine that they have not yet studied the appropriate content, as outlined by the test objectives, should take courses or engage in other substantial preparation activities in order to master the knowledge expected of an entry-level teacher. Candidates enrolled in an educator preparation program at a Massachusetts higher education institution should consult with their academic advisor for further information about test preparation resources.

A list of test preparation courses offered by Massachusetts higher education institutions is available on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's website at

Test Information Booklets

Important information about the tests can be obtained from the MTEL Test Information Booklets. Each booklet contains the objectives that describe the test content, sample multiple-choice items, sample open-response items, and suggestions for preparing for the tests and for responding to test items. All Test Information Booklets may be viewed or downloaded free of charge at the MTEL website by selecting "Test Information Booklets."

Practice Tests

As an additional aid in preparing to test, downloadable practice tests are also available for many of the MTEL tests, at no cost to candidates. Practice tests include a full-length sample test and evaluation information, such as an answer key and answer key worksheet, sample responses to open-response items, scoring rubrics, and a practice test score calculation worksheet. For more information on currently available practice tests, go to the MTEL website and select "Practice Tests."

CBT Tutorials

CBT Tutorials. These tutorials can give you a sense of what you will see when you begin your test at a Pearson Professional Center. The tutorials are available by selecting "CBT Tutorials" on the MTEL website.

Pearson Professional Centers Tour. The Pearson Professional Centers Tour gives candidates taking the MTEL on computer a virtual tour of a Pearson Professional Center. It includes a video and floorplan to help acquaint the candidate with the Pearson Professional Centers testing experience. Select "CBT Tutorials" on the MTEL web site to view this tour.

Test Preparation Video

This video provides a general overview of test preparation and test-taking strategies. It is designed to help candidates prepare for the MTEL by describing how to use the study resources available on the program website. The video is available by selecting "Test Preparation Video" on the MTEL website.