Testing requirements for the Academic (PreK–12) education program include a test of communication and literacy skills as well as tests of subject matter knowledge. The tests are designed to ensure that Massachusetts educators can communicate adequately with students, parents/guardians, and other educators and that they are knowledgeable in the subject matter of the license sought. With a license, candidates may be legally employed in Massachusetts public schools.

Licensure Test Requirements

As part of the current license requirements, candidates seeking a first Massachusetts Academic (PreK–12) license (except a temporary license) must achieve a passing score on both subtests of the Communication and Literacy Skills test AND any relevant Academic (PreK–12) subject matter test(s). The MTEL are the only tests that satisfy the communication and literacy skills and subject matter test requirements for a Massachusetts PreK–12 license. Note that candidates who have taken and passed the Connecticut Foundations of Reading test may request to have their test results evaluated against the qualifying score for the MTEL Foundations of Reading test to determine their passing status on this test. For more information about this service, see "MTEL Passing Status Determination for Connecticut Foundations of Reading Test Candidates."

Teaching License Testing Requirements
Academic (PreK–12)
(first Massachusetts license)
1) Communication and Literacy Skills test (01)


2) any relevant Academic (PreK–12) subject matter test(s)

You may apply for an educator license at any time, before or after taking the MTEL. However, candidates seeking their first Massachusetts license must achieve a passing score on the Communication and Literacy Skills test before their license application can be reviewed.

For general information about which test(s) are required for a license, refer to "Licensure Help" on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of Educator Licensure website ( or to the list of subject matter license test requirements ( For additional questions about test selection, contact the Department's Office of Educator Licensure at (781) 338-6600.

Candidates Enrolled in a Massachusetts Educator Preparation Program

If you are enrolled in an educator preparation program at a Massachusetts higher education institution or an alternative preparation organization, contact your program advisor or licensure officer to help you determine requirements for program completion, as well as the tests required for Massachusetts licensure. Contact information can be found in the Department's Educator Preparation Programs Directory (