A candidate's performance on a test is evaluated against an established standard. Each test has its own qualifying score, or passing score, set by the Massachusetts Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education.

To provide consistency in reporting scores across tests, the scores are converted to a common scale. The converted scores are called scaled scores. The scaled score is a conversion of the number of points achieved on the test to a score in a range of 100 to 300, with a scaled score of 240 representing the qualifying, or passing, score. A candidate must achieve a total test scaled score of 240 or higher to pass a test. There is no expiration date associated with passing scores for the MTEL.

For more information about score reporting, select "Score Reporting" on the MTEL website.

Retaking the MTEL

Candidates who do not achieve the passing score on a test may retake it at a future test session. Note that individuals who take a computer-based test/subtest must wait 45 days before retaking the same test/subtest. For tests that include subtests (i.e., Communication and Literacy Skills, General Curriculum, and the Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test), you may take one or both subtests at a given test session. Once you meet the passing score on a subtest, you do not have to take that subtest again. Also refer to the section on testing on consecutive test dates in "Test Fees and Payment Policies" for additional information about retaking paper-based tests.