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Field 03: General Curriculum
Mathematics Subtest
Sample Multiple-Choice Questions

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Numbers and Operations

Objective 0016
Understand the number system and the concept of place value.

1. Use the table below to answer the question that follows.

First row: Richter Magnitude, five. Energy Units Released, one point eight times ten to the power of six. Second row: Richter Magnitude, four. Energy Units Released, five point six times ten to the power of four.

The Richter scale is a system used by geologists for measuring the severity of earthquakes. What is the difference, expressed to two significant digits, between the amount of energy released by an earthquake of Richter magnitude 5 and an earthquake of magnitude 4?

Objective 0017
Understand integers, fractions, decimals, percents, and mixed numbers.

2. Which of the following decimals is equal to one over fifty plus one over two thousand plus 9 over one million?

  1. 0.0020509
  2. 0.002509
  3. 0.0205009
  4. 0.020509

Functions and Algebra

Objective 0022
Understand linear functions and linear equations.

3. Use the graph below to answer the question that follows.

Cartesian graph with axes labeled X and Y. The axes are labeled from negative five to five in increments of one. A line extends diagonally from upper left to lower right through points zero, four and three, zero.

The graph of which of the following equations is a line parallel to the line graphed above?

  1. Y equals negative four thirds X plus seven thirds
  2. Y equals four thirds X plus five thirds
  3. Y equals negative three fourths X minus one half
  4. Y equals three fourths X minus three halves

Geometry and Measurement

Objective 0024
Understand and apply concepts of geometry.

4. Use the diagram below to answer the question that follows.

A regular polygon with an extended horizontal base line. The exterior angles between the polygon and the extended baseline are labeled X and Y.

The polygon shown above is regular. What is the sum of angles x and y?

  1. 108°
  2. 120°
  3. 132°
  4. 144°

Statistics and Probability

Objective 0026
Understand and apply basic concepts of probability.

5. A part-time salesperson works 2 days per week at a store that is open Monday through Friday. If the workdays are randomly assigned, what is the probability that the salesperson will work on Monday and Tuesday?

  1. one twentieth
  2. one tenth
  3. two fifths
  4. two thirds